NAMC Welcomes New Chapters and Two Corporate Sponsors

NAMC Welcomes New Chapters and Two Corporate Sponsors

NAMC Dallas/Ft. Worth
NAMC welcomes our new Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter located in Arlington, TX. The Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter joined NAMC in February, 2016 with Sharon Douglas as its chairman.  NAMC national board member Demetria Bivens says. “We’re an advocate for minority contractors, including African Americans, Hispanics, Asian, American Indians, and women. Our mission is to pursue, win, and execute. There are other associations around, and we’re looking to be able to help them to create more opportunities for minority contractors.”  The specific and primary purpose of this chapter is to initiate,

encourage and assist construction contractors, and their craftsmen as well to initiate and operate training programs for persons desiring employment and procurement opportunities in all areas of the industry enabling the integration of ethnic groups, races, creeds and colors into the construction industry.”

NAMC Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter
Chairman: Sharon Douglas
Executive Director: Demetria Bivens
2000 E. Lamar Blvd, Suite 600, Dallas, TX 76006
Phone: (817) 303-2160



NAMC Northeast Florida
The NAMC Northeast Florida Chapter is located in Jacksonville, FL. The chapter joined in June 2016 with Larry Leonard, III as chapter president. Mr. Leonard is a master trainer and accredited training sponsor for NCCER (National Center for Construction Education and Research), a nonprofit education foundation. The NAMC/NCCER Partnership means that = NAMC can offer certified construction training with curriculum approved by the

National Education Department. The Northeast Florida chapter’s objectives are to assist with the goals of the NAMC National Education Training Committee and offer opportunities through other NAMC chapters to provide training forindividuals who would like to become master trainers and craft instructors.

NAMC Northeast Florida Chapter
President: Larry Leonard
Executive Director: Deborah Thompson
10650-6 Haverford Road, Jackson, FL 32218
Phone: (904) 334-4888



PCL Construction and CRB Consulting Engineers

NAMC welcomes PCL Construction and CRB Consulting Engineers as the newest members of its Major Corporate Group partners. PCL is a group of independent construction companies owned by employee shareholders across the United States, Canada, and Australia. As a diversified general contractor, PCL celebrates the past and builds for the future. Read below to discover PCL’s history: starting in Canada, expanding through the United States, and into Australia. PCL’s vision, core values, and guiding principles enhance the organization’s internal culture, and maintains PCL’s reputation as a construction leader, an employer of choice, and an active community member.