Executive Director's Welcome

It is my pleasure to introduce the NAMC-DFW Chapter to North Texas. On May 19, 2016, the NAMC-DFW Chapter had our official launch event to introduce our Board Members and the DFW Chapter to the contracting community. Our chapter is affiliated with NAMC National, which is the oldest minority construction trade association in the United States.

Since our inception we have penetrated North Texas. It is our Chapter’s goal to Pursue-Win-Execute. We look forward to getting you involved and to actively participate with us as we continue to advocate, train, and develop our members.

Through collaboration with interested stakeholders, NAMC-DFW advocates for a diverse membership for Access to Contracts and Resources and increased Readiness to successfully perform in the construction industry.

Executive Director, Demetria Bivens


The Purposes of the National Association for Minority Contractors-Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter (NAMC-DFW) shall be those purposes as set forth in its Articles of Incorporation and those of the National Association of Minority Contractors (NAMC National):

•   To provide education and training to minority & women contractors in building and construction trades.

•   To work with public and private sources in the design and implementation of technical training in construction and building trades, designed to enhance the competitive viability of minority  & women contractors.

•   To promote the economic and legal interest of minority & women contracting firms in the Dallas/Ft Worth, Metropolitan Area.

•   To serve as an advocate to minority & women contractors, monitoring government actions which affect their trade.

•   To create a forum of sharing information to the Dallas/Ft Worth Area’s minority & women contractors making them aware of opportunities to widen their procurement and business opportunity.

•   To assist the National Association of Minority Contractors (NAMC National) and other NAMC chapters to build bridges between minority & women contractors and the parties and entities with which they must work.

The general purpose of NAMC-DFW is to initiate, encourage, and assist in the formation of an educational institute for construction contractors, their staff and their craftsmen as well as to initiate and operate training programs for persons desiring employment and procurement opportunities in the building trades in order to assure equal opportunity for employment and procurement opportunities in all areas of this industry, and to integrate the various ethnic groups, races, creeds and colors into this industry.


No. NAMC-DFW is open to and welcomes people of all backgrounds – regardless of minority or non-minority classification. We support all our members, while being advocates for all minority and women-owned business owners within the construction industry.

NAMC-DFW helps existing businesses grow and become aware of opportunities. We do not help individuals launch or create their businesses.

We provide immediate & easy access to all the certification Agencies within North Texas. However, some of our members & partners serve in leadership within these agencies. Other NAMC- DFW members provide professional/paid consulting services focused on helping individuals and companies easily navigate the certification process.

NAMC-DFW remains informed about public & private projects within DFW. We are a priority-partner for public entities and private organizations. Those project-contacts regularly attend our meetings to discuss relevant procurement opportunities, ways to get involved, and the requirements to become considered.

Yes. NAMC-DFW is open to individuals. Our membership categories include, but are not limited to Associate Membership, Government Agencies, Civic Organizations, Industry Professionals, Individual Contractors and Consultants.

Board of Directors

Each NAMC-DFW Board Member is a leader within the local construction industry. They understand the important role our members play growing the Dallas-Fort Worth economy and building its infrastructure. They also face and can relate to the challenges we all face in navigating our way to success. Get to know them.
Gregory Cody
Board Member
Vince Fudzie
Board Member
Yesenia Garcia
Jeff Postell
Board Member
Pam Ervin Davis
Rosalyn McDonald
Board Member
Amanda Wheeler
Jennifer Lacy
Frank Yuan
Board Member
Greg Obar
Board Member


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